We Walk Up a Hill and Come Back Down Again – Flagstaff

Ross at the top of FlagstaffYesterday we had one of those moments. Where we’d gone out for a nice walk along the banks of the Silverstream near Mosgiel and on the way back one of us spied a hill and suggested that we should go for a walk up that as well. I called her bluff and agreed and then she called my bluff and soon we were getting a bit more clothing and some food and driving off towards Flagstaff. Continue reading

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An Abstract View of Photography – Seeing the Light

Ice sceneIf you’ve been following this blog – and some of you kind people have been – then you’ll have seen me dabbling more and more over the last year or so with what I’ve called abstract photography. I didn’t know until a minute ago that there actually is a proper thing called abstract photography; I’ve just been stumbling into it. I started photographing with my first camera about 50 years ago Continue reading

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I’m Walking Backwards to Winter – In Dunedin

Snow MosgielContinuing with my reconstruction of recent times, I’m happy to say that we coped well enough with our first winter in Dunedin for a number of years. It was a kind sort of winter with weeks when we wondered if it really was winter. People up north probably imagine winter in Dunedin as a battle against blizzards and bleakness. Continue reading

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Earlier This month – Ross Creek

Ross Creek DunedinEarlier this month we were parked up in Dunedin at Woodhaugh in the Leith Valley for a week. It’s only a couple of minutes walk to Ross Creek which gives access to the Reservoir and lots of lovely bush walks. Walking up the gorge beside Ross Creek I’d often considered the photography possibilities Continue reading

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The Wheels on the Truck Go Round and Round ….to Central Otago

Wyn biking at Lake WanakaAfter what seemed like an eternity, we finally got ourselves and our motorhome out of town for Labour Weekend. And headed for Central Otago and Lake Hawea. We launched from Mosgiel a little after 5pm and wondered what the holiday traffic would be like. Forgetting that this is the lower end of the South Island; where holiday traffic is relatively civilised. Plus we left the car Continue reading

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New Beginnings … Again ….

Sunset near MosgielOh dear! It’s about six months since I last said I was starting again. I’m saying it again and hopefully meaning it this time. One of the harder things is remembering how to construct a blog post. And add a photo … or two. What seemed automatic has become a re-learning experience. Continue reading

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Hello World

Good morning from me. We remain alive and well which is almost more than can be said for this blog. I know; a blog without blogging is not really a blog at all.  It’s just been in the Too Hard basket for quite a while – with other things to do and focus on. We’ve been hanging out in Hawea and Fox Glacier and Invercargill and Dunedin and we’re currently near Mosgiel in the rural part of Dunedin. We’re “between jobs” at the moment, and starting to catch up with family and friends.

It’s time to sort out a few of the photos and share a couple of them. There was a while there when the camera didn’t get many outings but it’s been out and about a bit more lately. I’ve been rediscovering how Lightroom works and now I just have to remember how this blogging business works. Onwards and outwards…

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The Winners Write The History – South Taranaki

Tawhiti Museum dioramaOur stay in Hawera with friends was extended as Suzi motorhome needed some intensive (and expensive) engine care. Rob had taken us on a wonderful tour the day before, and suggested a visit to a museum to learn more of the South Taranaki story while we waited Continue reading

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Up Closer – Mt Taranaki

Mt TaranakiWay back last month we were staying in Hawera with friends and Rob was keen to show us some of the sights and scenes, including getting us closer to Mt Taranaki. Despite having been nearby many times I’d never had an opportunity to go walking anywhere near the mountain. So this was a wonderful offer. Continue reading

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Gone Walkabout Again

Crikey! Where do the days go? Somehow a month has slipped by and we’ve moved along and so has the world. We’re down south but the blogging is still up north. We’re not meaning to confuse people but that’s the effect sometimes. I’ll try to catch up with ourselves before we lose ourselves completely. First we need to finish with our Taranaki adventures as we found South Taranaki interesting. It’s also interesting how much we don’t know about our own country. I’ll be back ….

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