Moving On – To Dunedin

Thursday 25th February was the day for moving on from the orchard. We’d been parked up there for a couple of months and it seemed strange to be packing things up and getting Suzi ship-shape for heading off. The A-frame had to be reassembled and the car hitched up. And we had to remember all the things we needed to remember before hitting the road. There were tanks to empty and tanks to fill and then we had to find the truck fuel stop in Alexandra. We bought our final coffee at the Tin Goose in Alexandra at 12.30pm and finally headed out of town. By Roxburgh we remembered we were hungry and we remembered the great bakery at the Jimmy’s Pie shop so we stopped there and remembered a couple of pies and a couple of bits of slice.

The drive to Dunedin didn’t seem to take long and we headed straight to the Leith Valley Holiday Park and were soon set up. Tea that night was just down the road with a couple of Wyn’s friends. So began a hectic week of catching up with people and things in Dunedin. Laura and Andrew came to visit for the weekend. There was the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. Sunday was the Tsunami warning day. Wyn was heading out to near the beach to pick up her grandson so that plan got rearranged a bit. They had a lovely afternoon together.

Monday was Suzi Day – she needed a new solar controller so we’d booked her into Dunedin Motorhomes. The new controller had to go into a different place so there was some rearranging to do. Plus I was keen to get a temperature probe down to the battery compartment. Plus we wanted to get stabilisers fitted to the TV dish. It took much of the day by the time we didn’t get there until after morning tea. They did a great job and it was a relief to see the new controller working.

Tuesday was appointments and things to do and an evening at the Waitati movies. Wednesday was more of the same with lunch dates and we moved out to Wingatui to the Racecourse where we’re allowed to park up. Thursday was back into town with lots more things to do. We didn’t get to catch up with everyone we wanted to. There always seems so little time and so many people to see.

Friday was time to move on again. There was last-minute business to sort out in Dunedin and the afternoon was well on before we finally headed off up the Northern ‘Motorway’ out of the city.

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