Glossary and Abbreviations

It might be handy to make a list of abbreviations and terms we’re frequently using to save having to reexplain them.

AZY – our first motorhome – an ex-rental Pacific Horizon 6-berth campervan Mitsubishi Canter named after the first three letters of her numberplate.

CoF – Certificate of Fitness – what trucks need instead of a warrant of fitness that cars need.

DOC – Department of Conservation (or Department Often Closed :-))

NZMCA – New Zealand Motor Caravan Association

POP – Park Over Property – places we can stay as members of the NZMCA.  Some are properties they own or lease, some are members properties that they share, some are clubs that allow us to stay in their carparks by arrangement with the NZMCA.

Suzi – our motorhome that is our home. Suzi is a Traillite motorhome on an Isuzu chassis. We think of Suzi as an oversize campervan – 8.2m long.  Suzi was named by removing the U from the ISUZU on the front and moving the I from ISUZ to the end, making SUZI.

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