Plumbing and Pipes

I took the camper around to the local motorhome builders this morning, to get a new pressure-release valve fitted for the water system. There was a very slight leak from the old one, leading to a reduction in pressure and a thump from the water pump about every 10 seconds. Here is hoping that this fixes it. Trouble was there has been a bit of a change in plumbing systems. Our camper is a 2002 model. It has what is apparently house plumbing/piping – grey PVC pipes crimped. The new pressure-relief valve was expecting the newer motorhome piping. He showed me how it just pushes together, without crimping. Heaven knows how it works. Seems the cold water uses blue, and the hot uses red. Nice… An advantage of the new system is that sometimes it was very awkward to get the crimping tool into difficult locations. A disadvantage of the new system is that it’s not something that every plumber will have parts for.

We had the misfortune to have a cold water pipe melt on top of our fridge in Pauanui on New Year’s Eve this summer. That was the bad news, but the good news was that we were visiting my cousin who is an ex-plumber. So on New Year’s Day we went to visit the local plumber who lent him the crimping tools and sold me for about $25 the bits to fix it. So it can be lucky to have house plumbing in the motorhome…

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