New TV

Have you noticed how all the TVs are going in for shiny black plastic screen surrounds. “Piano black” they cal it. Ugh. Might not be too distracting in a blacked out room with no light source. But anywhere else? It looks like it is going to reflect every bit of light going. And in a motorhome? Any reflection is going to distract the eye and may be quite annoying. It wouldn’t be so bad but they’re all doing it. They have such lovely non-reflective screens on the LCDs these days. But those surrounds….

Anyway, having seen what is going on, it seemed like a good time to buy a 26″ Sony while we still could. It also looks like Sony may not have a 26″ LCD in their new line-up. And with a Sony home theatre system, we kind of need a Sony for maximum compatibility and minimum remote double-up.

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