Long time … no blog …

Crikey! Is that the date? Where did the rest of July get to?

Life is fairly busy. There was a burst of TradeMe in there somewhere. Sold a few things. Couriered my first stuff out of town. One got smashed – my old bakelite radio. That’s sad šŸ™ And one buyer refused to go through with the sale because the mixer wouldn’t make sausages. Heck, it is a cake mixer that doesn’t claim to make sausages. Sometimes Trademe seems like a lot of work.

And there was a trip to Auckland for a birthday. Just in time for their horrible storm last weekend. Jeez it was wndy all right. Mind you it didn’t dampen the birthday party.

And we went down to Pukekohe to see the motorhome people down there. That was fun, looking at the different designs with each one different. The rain started there on Tuesday, and followed us home that night. It stopped down South by Saturday morning.

Thursday we started night classes again. This term it is Photoshop. This is something I’ve always wanted to get the hang of – very exciting.

Yesterday we checked out mattresses. With 1000mm from the base to the ceiling in the luton, every mm of mattress height is a mm less of headroom in a cab-over. And for full-time living a good mattress means mms. There’s no such thing as a free mm in motorhoming, that’s for sure. We’ve started wondering about viscose-elastic mattresses. Great comfort and compact heightwise. Trouble is the cost. A Tempur one costs as much as a good car. And it is probably a love-it or hate-it sort of thing.

Today has been storage locker compacting day. We managed to get two lockers into one, so that’s a good morning’s work. There is so much to get rid of, it is a bit daunting sometimes. It is good to do it together, we can encourage each other, chanting “reduce … reduce.. reduce…” or lately “less … less…. less” courtesy of Susan Jeffers.

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