A Day of Landscaping

Today was a big landscaping day. We want to make the property lower maintenance for when the tenants move in. Already we have no lawn. There was an area of about 50m sq out the back that is great for outdoor living, which we manage in Dunedin sometimes 🙂 It was a mixture of pebbles and black plastic and weeds. So we arranged with a local bunch of guys to come in and help for a day, and I took a day off work.  We got a skip, and the team removed a few cubic metres of the pebbles and soil, and barrowed 3 cubic metres of lime chips up the path as well as 6 cubic metres of woodchips.  It was a hot sunny day and these guys worked! They were in at 10am, and gone by 3pm, and I just had the job of tidying up. Wow!  What a transformation.  And one less job to do before we move out in less than 2 weeks time 🙂

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