A Little touch of Paradise

Hi its Wyn here for a change, to give you my view of the day. We ‘slept in’ a little today until 8.00am.  Apparently most of the Motorhomers start the day in a very leisurely fashion so we must be getting into it. Mind you, our lovely viscose elastic mattress is definitely the most comfortable I have ever slept on.

It dawned another sunny day this morning and seeing as we will most likely move onto Cromwell tomorrow, I knew it was D-day for the washing. I love my wee washing machine (Lemair), its so cute but one cant use it in quite the same way as you do at home… gosh it does make you realise how much water a few loads of washing in an automatic machine uses. Ít’s a lot more time consuming for me but I’ve got all day.  Just as well as it took all morning but then there was quite a few loads… And I got to rinse everything in an old fashioned wringer machine that I spied one of the other ladies using. That was fun.

While I was doing that, Ross and a couple of the other motorhomers  were chopping a few branches off the huge trees in the driveway here.  Quite a few where hanging down and we were all keen to not have to negotiate them on our way out tomorrow.  Theres a huge garden here complete with tennis courts, big pond, chooks and dozens of roses. People staying here tend to help by doing a bit of gardening and odd jobs.  Its fun when you can dead head a few roses without contemplating a whole day or week in your own garden.  Anyway I think it probably helps the ones missing their own gardens. It has been wonderful staying here, its so relaxing and nice to have other woman to chat to while you are doing the washing and hanging out.

Then it was off into Alexandra after lunch to get a few groceries and to The Warehouse for more Christmas pressie shopping. All the ones that have to be posted are gone. We ended up having an inspired, leisurely shop. We are now almost ready for Christmas.

On the way to the Warehouse we got distracted while walking along the street by a shop advertising real fruit icecreams..  Ahhh we are easily distracted. They turned out to be giant real fruit icecreams! We sat outside in the courtyard and honestly it took me about 15 minutes to eat mine.   Yum…

We got back at about 6pm and realised that we must have missed ‘happy hour’ tonight.  There were lovely cooking smells wafting over our way as we were having our chat with our neighbours but we decided to postpone tea for a while and go for a walk to keep up the momentum from yesterday’s walk and to hopefully walk off some of the damage from the giant icecream.  Off around the block we set off and arrived back over an hour later.  The last bit along Frasers Road was hair raising as they do bird scaring from 6pm – 9pm and it was really loud and seemed a bit too close for comfort. It was great getting some exercise though.

We just wanted to sit down and put our feet up when we came back but managed to cook tea as we were rather hungry. It was 8.30pm… And that was our day…..

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