Days in Dunedin Doing Things

It was strange for us returning to Dunedin earlier in the week, with our new status of No Fixed Abode. We set up in the Leith Valley Holiday Park – it’s handy to our storage locker and things we need.

We’ve enjoyed a few days catching up with family and friends, and trying to sort out our stuff. There was a pile of mail for almost three weeks. And boxes and boxes of stuff we’d set aside for loading into Suzi when we returned. We’ve realised it is just all too much, so there’s been a lot of thinking about what we’re really going to need, and when. We thought we’d reduced so well, but now realise more ruthless reduction is required.

We’ll be here all today – Friday – and now plan to get away to Central Otago tomorrow. Probably the general holiday rush to there starts today, but we’ve still got to get sorted here.

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