Pukekohe starting to seem like home…

Yesterday was decal day, sort of. We started with Traillite, sorting things out. Their service and attitude has been brilliant. The battery meter caused the most head scratching, and in the end got replaced. We met Smillie and Grant of ROAMNZ motorhome – she is another keen forum user. It is good to put faces to names, and both of them had some good tips on all sorts of things.Then it was round to Super Signs for the decals. It was exciting to see them going on, the colour and effect were great. We went off to the shops for exciting things like a knife and a chopping board. When we came back there was some more head scratching before it was figured things were not quite right. So it was decided there needed to be one part reprinted, and we’d wait around to get it installed.

So, back to the Cosmopolitan Club for another night. We figured on a bistro meal, but left it a bit late in the end.  After tea back in our (motor) home down the end of the car park, we had a quiet night. I ended up catching up with Michael and Andrew on MSN or Windows Live Messenger or whatever it is called these days. Thus ended another day in Pukekohe. We’re finding it easy to find our way around now, and getting the hang of where everything is.

Today we started with more toilet problems. The darned vacuum wasn’t vacuuming. I was starting to feel like Kenny from the movie, somewhat focussed on sewage and pumps. We like the vacuum toilet, except when it doesn’t work properly.  And the shower was still slow draining – oh for waste systems that worked 🙁

We headed back to the dump station, and got everything all dumped and sorted. The big hose for the grey water is wonderful, it sure zooms through that.  Pulling out of there into the road I forgot again the longer overhang, and crunched the back corner on a bollard thing protectingv the dump station. 🙁 It wasn’t a good look, and not a good feeling, damaging Suzi before shev is even finished.

Traillite were interested to see the decals/graphics – Suzi is certainly a one-off. They soon had our waste problems sorted. The toilet one was a damaged O-ring. And the shower was a simple blockage in the sump thing. And Andy even managed to stitch up my scrunch from the dump station – he is definitely my hero 🙂

Wyn was keen to see the Pukekohe race circuit before we left, so we headed out that way. It wasn’t easy to turn around, so we ended up at a wee gift shop out a bit further, where we found a Pukeko for our kitchen wall, and a carrot cake for our tums. We stopped at the race car circuit and watched some cars doing something, and had a late lunch, including some of the aforementioned carrot cake.

Then it was back to Super Signs for the finishing of the decals …

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