Round and about

Woops, a few days have slipped by. It can be busy doing nothing much 🙂

Saturday was at Parakai. We started with a walk, and ended up at the river wharf, all mangroves and mud. The hot pools looked busy, and were, lots of end of year gatherings by the looks. BBQs and Santas. The Rest and Relaxation pool was the place to be. Later we went round to Jill and Kevins for a lovely BBQ tea. It was great to catch up with them.

Sunday was another fine day – good weekend weatherwise. I managed to figure out how to upload photos to the blog place – it was fairly easy once I looked at it. Jill came round to see our new home and say goodbye. Then it was up the road towards South Head, as far as the Macadamia Nut Farm. We had a look around, but didn’t buy any nuts. Then it was back through Parakai and to Auckland. We gave Nev his instructions to find Milford on the North Shore, and he did well except for getting confused by a new motorway.  We called in to see Wyn’s uncle Tom, and cousins Wayne and Deborah. Tom was an upholsterer and approved of the decor and upholstery.  Later it was back on the motorway, and south to Pukekohe and the dump station, and back out towards Waiuku and parking up at Bob and Janine’s place. Ending the day sitting out in the sun enjoying a beer…

Monday morning was washing morning, then a visit back to Traillite. The new inverter went in, about as big as the provervbial breadbin. And the speaker wires got changed over, and several other jobs got done. Their service is great. While there we met Pam and Graeme, just back from 4 1/2 months up north. They’d sure been everywhere, and had some good tips on places to visit. We were out back at Bob and Janine’s place just in time to rescue the washing off the line as it started to rain. The rain got steadily heavier through the evening, and through much of the night. Bob got the rain he needed for his pasture and his tanks and to bed down the fine gravel he’s just spread on his drive.

We had a slow start on Tuesday, and headed back up the motorway to visit my uncle Stan and Bernie. It was fun showing them our new home, and good to catch up with them again. Back in Pukekohe was headed to the Cosmopolitan Club car park and joined a couple of other motorhomes there. We decided a walk was needed, and managed to find the Pac and Save, and wanered back across the playing fields. After tea I was still trying to figure out how to record TV off the satellite receiver – lots to learn.

Today is decal day – Suzy get’s her final decoration. Then there’s a couple more things to sort with Traillite, particularly the battery monitor – I think we’re almost out of power!  Sometime soon we’ll be ready to head south – it’s been a long time up here so far.

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