Catch-up day – Friday 13th

We woke to a grey (or is it gray?) morning – it had rained in the night and was colder in the morning (14 deg at 9am). We caught up with the blog, and Wyn started catching up on emails. I went off on a shopping expedition to Cromwell. I was surprised to find that there was no place selling music CDs, other than a couple in the petrol stations and a handful in the supermarket. I guess that is a sign of the music market these days? I took some nice fresh ciabatta buns home for a late lunch. We moved Suzi a bit further out from the trees to get a bit more sun later in the afternoon – with cloudy mornings we were not getting our batteries fully charged back up through the day.  We went for a bike ride over to Pisa Moorings, around the lakefront and then around some of the streets, looking at the different styles of houses – including one with a motorhome painted with colours that matched the house. There was a street called Ethereal which struck me as the wierdest street name I’d ever seen. It turned out to have been named after a racehorse that won the Melbourne Cup, but I reckon you’d be forever spelling it out and explaining it. Having moved a bit away from the trees, the satellite dish worked again, so we were able to catch the end of the TV news, and later watch Looking Good Naked.

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