Mooching in Marton Wednesday 11 March

We woke to not a very good day in Marton, windy, wet, and cold. Wyn stayed in bed and finished her book. We borrowed her brother’s washing machine for a few loads, which mostly dried between showers. Her brother brought home pies for lunch, and later I washed Suzi and the car – both were looking a bit travel weary. We went up town later in the afternoon, and when Wyn’s brother came home from work, we drove over to Fielding for tea with their sister. It was starting to get colder. This day was my father’s 100th birthday. Mind you – he’s been dead for 28 years. But he always recognised birthdays of dead relatives – he didn’t seem particularly concerned that they weren’t around to celebrate them. And 100 years is a big milestone. So happy birthday Dad – I’m a lot like you 🙂

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