Sticky bun Sunday – 15th February

We made a slow start to the day. It was sunny but cold, with a chilling wind. We tackled the previous day’s dishes, and generally cleaned up. We headed into Cromwell by 11am, in time to see the veteran cars in the park – on display and doing various driving/driver tests. It looks like it was a national rally for the veterans – they were very old cars, in magnificent condition. They ranged in age from about 1905 to the late 1910s; some were basic engines on wheels with a seat, others were quite sporty. We went on to the Sunday market at Old Cromwell Town, which was packing up by the time we got there. But we still found some garlic pate, and there were still sticky buns at Provisions. These things should be outlawed – there was a woman who came in while we were there who was surprised and thrilled that there were still some left – she was obviously feeding an addiction 🙂 And they were yummy, we sat at a picnic table overlooking Lake Dunstan getting sticky ourselves.We were getting a bit low on water, so were needing to move Suzi to get some. but we couldn’t be bothered, so moved some of Lake Dunstan into our tank via a few bucket loads. This gave us enough to do some washing. And it was vacuuming time – while we’d been out there must have been a bit of a dust storm and there was fine grit through Suzi.  We still had plenty of waste water storage, so we put off having to move by loading up more water from the lake – enough for showers and dishes for a few more days. We BBQed some chops for tea, but it was too cold to eat outside. Plus there was leftover trifle to follow up – yummmm. We ended the day sorting out our tramping gear for the next day.

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