To the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump …

Tuesday 17th February was definitely rest and relax day. It was a lovely calm morning, with a light northerly later. We did a bit more washing of the tramping gear. And finally headed into Cromwell. First stop was the dump aka the Refuse Transfer Station. We had a couple of supermarket bags of rubbish, and another of recyclables. We were allowed to do this for a reasonable charge, and it’s good to be able to recycle stuff. Then it was over to the dump station at the BP to empty the toilet cassettes, and get rid of our grey waste (shower/sinks etc). Then we fueled up, and used their tap to fill up our water tank. It was good to be empty and full. Lunch was late and we even had a swim in the lake back at our “camp”. Well Wyn did a few swimming motions, mine was more of a dunk-  it was not warm – but was refreshing.  Tea was revved up leftover pasta from the night before and was rather nice. We ended the day sorting out our tramping gear again, ready for another tramp the following day.

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