Visitors Come to Stay

Thursday April 16th
This was a special day, my two younger children were arriving to stay for a while. Unfortunately it also seemed to be the end of the golden weather. We’d had a great run for a long time, and it had to come to an end sometime. The kids were flying in, so we emptied the car out – it sometimes doubles as a storage shed! We got over to the Tauranga airport in plenty of time, and were quite excited by the time their plane came in. It was great to see them both – there was news to catch up on, and bags to claim (Laura just managed to stop another woman making off with hers). We made a detour on the way home via Mt Maunganui for a quick look at the beach. Plus another detour to the lookout on the other side of Katikati to show them how far we were from Tauranga and the Mount. Then it was back to the packhouse and Suzi and working out how we were going to store their stuff as well. It wasn’t long before they were back at home back in the back of Suzi. We went off to work our afternoon shift, and sorted out tea when we came back at 7.30pm. And there was birthday cake for the birthday boy, and another lovely end to another lovely day.
Friday 17th
We’d had thoughts about getting out and about with the kids – but we’d forgotten the inertia involved with teenagers with a ready source of electricity for charging their devices. Plus they were tired from their holidays.  They’d driven up from Dunedin to Wellington with their mother, and that after Laura had started her holidays with two days in Queenstown and a day on the bus back to Dunedin from there. Clearly some rest and relaxation were required. We worked our afternoon shift to 7.30pm again, and had another relaxed evening with them.

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