Work – work – work

Sunday 4th April was the end of daylight saving – so we got an extra hour for sleeping. Which was good because we were working the whole day, starting at 7.30am. This was a bit of a shock for us. It was another morning a clear sky, with the sun just coming up as we headed off to work.Wyn had a whole day of grading – which is very tiring work because the graders have to stand in the one position all the time.  And I was all day stacking, which keeps me busy but my wee arms get tired lifting all the heavy boxes waaay up to the tops of the pallets. We worked to 5.30pm, and were pleased when that came around.

Waihi and Work

Monday 6 April dawned a bit overcast. Wyn was looking for a birthday present for her sister, so we went up the road to Waihi. Waihi also has a driver licensing agency, so I decided to tackle renewing my licence. This took ages, as there were more forms to be filled out to add my F endorsement, and the whole business of not having a residential address to be gone through again. And the computer wanted me to produce a medical certificate and needed some convincing that I’d already produced one within the last year. I had to do the eyesight test for renewing my licence. This went well until she told be to read line 7. I was a bit worried to report that I couldn’t see any line 7 – it wasn’t that it was fuzzy, it just wasn’tthere at all. We soon worked out that my head was in the wrong position on the machine thing and there was a 7th line after all, and mostly readable. Phew! Wyn got her fringe trimmed for nothing, and got her present gift-wrapped by the chemist shop, and got very friendly service at the Post Shop. And we had a lovely coffee and muffin at a cafe called Pepper Bananas or something. We decided that we liked Waihi – it is a nice friendly town.  Eventually we returned home to Suzi and for our usual substantial lunch before starting work at 3-30pm. This time Wyn was on tray preparation – which is getting the trays ready and down a chute for the packers. And I was on stacking – this seems to be my fate now. Then after everyone else had finished it was into the cleaning. We’re getting a good routine going with this now, but there is still a lot to clean. Luckily the gold kiwifruit isn’t so dusty, so that was a plus.

Lookout and Work Tuesday 7 April

Our morning outing on Tuesday was to Lindeman’s Lookout, which is at the top of a road just north of Katikati. It does have a fabulous vista, from Bowentown in the north to Maketu in the south/east. Then it was lunch again, and work and cleaning.  The day was warm with a few clouds, and not as sunny as it has been.

Rain and Work Wednesday 8 April

It actually rained in the night, it was unusual to hear it on the roof. We worked out that we last had rain back in New Plymouth before WOMAD, that would have been about 14th March! The day was overcast and gray.  Nothing much happened, and we worked our usual work including cleaning at the end of the day.  By this stage it was clear that there was an early finish on Thursday so there wouldn’t be our afternoon shifts. And then there was no packhouse wotk until the Tuesday after Easter. We had a small leak in our plumbing, and a few other small jobs, so decided to take Suzi in to Tauranga to get those things looked at.  And I tackled trying to retune the bedroom TV with useless instructions and not much idea. I eventually heard from someone in the service department of the suppliers – after a fairly scathing email about their useless website. so now we have a TV picture (and sound) although it won’t retain it once the power is turned off.

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