Kauri Point

Saturday 9 May
We’d been hoping to go tramping this weekend with my friend Peter from Rotorua. But it was not to be, with me having slipped in the rain in the supermarket carpark a couple of weeks before and straining something in my nether regions. However, Peter was after some help storing and repositioning his car. So it was up earlyish on Saturday, with Peter arriving at 9.15am with two others from the Rotorua Tramping Club. I went with them in Peter’s car to where they were starting out in the Kaimais – this was the same road Wyn had walked to the end of the previous week. I brought their car back to the packhouse, to drop it off at a different road end the next day.
On the way back I bought the Saturday Herald, so that was me occupied for the rest of the morning. After lunch we drove over to Kauri Point, a nearby peninsula sticking out into Tauranga Harbour. We walked out on a long long jetty and watched four guys fishing. We seemed to bring them luck as they reeled in their first fish of the day while we watched, a large Kawai. On the way back along the long long jetty I managed to knock the lens hood off my camera, onto the wharf as I walked, dropkicking it into the harbour where I could watch it slowly sink in the murky water. We did a 40 minute walk from the wharf, around the point through bush and then open ground. There were obvious signs of Maori pa sites on some of the prominent points. The track lead to the settlement of Ongare Point. By this stage it was sunny and calm – a gorgeous winter afternoon. We came back the same way, and returned home via the ice cream shop. We were filling in for the other cleaners, so spent our Saturday evening cleaning in the packhouse.

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