Around Ahipara

After heavy overnight rain we woke to sun on Wednesday. And it was warm enough, around 16 degrees.  Wyn went for a walk on the beach. Laura got her guitar out and later did some art work. I wrote up a couple of days travels, and the wireless time we had bought ran out before I could upload it. 50Mb doesn’t seem to go far these days. The day became progressively more overcast. We decided to move sites, being under a tree when it is raining is a bit noisy. And we thought it might help satellite reception. It was a major undertaking to get Suzi out from under her tree, around a couple more on the drive way, back up to the dump station, then onto a new site which has a better outlook. Although still no satellite connection through the trees. And we realised later in the night that we were still under trees. Trees seem to collect small raindrops and turn them into big noisy ones.

Once we were all set up again, most of the day had passed. We went for a drive to reduce cabin fever. We drove along Ahipara Beach to Shipwreck Cove. By this stage it was raining again so we just looked. We went into Kaitaia to get a few things at the Pak and Save supermarket.  Then it was home to Suzi, tea and chocolate mud cake. The rain got heavier and as the drops crashed onto our bedroom roof as we tried to go to sleep we made some more notes about not parking under trees.

The rain had stopped by this morning; it is overcast and about 17 degrees outside.  It is a bit of a catch-up/clean-up/bake-up day. Maybe we’ll do something, maybe we’ll just mooch around.

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