Through Whangarei – The Missing Sunday

Woops, somewhere Sunday 5th July went missing. We had one, but somehow skipped mentioning it on this blog. In all the excitement of catching up it got dropped off. (So this got slipped into position later.) This was the day we woke up at Uretiti Beach DOC camp and went to sleep at Otamure Beach DOC camp. We were up early at Uretiti and off down the beach to watch the sun rise.

Lovely it was, a wonderful place to be. We had a leisurely morning, finally heading off towards Whangarei. We stopped at their excellent visitor information stop on the main highway into town – what a great location. We got directions to a supermarket and topped up on supplies. Then we headed on up SH1, bypassing most of Whangarei – it’ll wait for another time.
Not far up SH1 we turned off on North Whananaki Road, and took a winding road to Whananaki, a small coastal settlement. From there is was up and over one more headland to Otamure Beach DOC camp. The road was narrow and winding towards the end, but sealed all the way and no trouble. The camp is beside the beach, between two headlands. It is an idyllic spot, spoiled a bit on this occasion by a brisk breeze across the bay.

We chose a spot with a view of the beach, levelled things up, and settled down.

We enjoyed a walk on the beach before the sun went down, and went to sleep with the sound of the waves.

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