Back to the World

It’s Monday – we’re fairly sure – we had a debate about it this morning. And we’re back in the world after 6 days in a lovely little paradise – Maitai Bay. Cell phone coverage was marginal – OK for Vodafone and lousy on Telecom. Which made it all the more relaxing and romantic. Plus we mostly had the beach to ourselves for 6 days. But, the water supply ran out and it seemed time to move on. Today we’ve emerged back onto SH10 and headed a small distance around Doubtless Bay to Taipa. Here we’re parked up at a lovely parkover place beside the estuary.  We’ve visited Mangonui to dump our water waste and pick up our mail and search for the carrot cake cafe (not found yet). I’ll have a go at uploading some photos and there’s a couple of days to fill in on the blog and emails to catch up on and a new bay to explore.  So much to do and plenty of time …

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  1. Suzanne and Les says:

    Hello Wyn and Ross

    Had to laugh at the comment about not finding the carrot cake cafe – its called The Post Office or Bank Cafe its on the end of the row of shops etc – closest to the Fish and Chips… Glad to hear that your trip is going well. I am having fun getting my hands dirty and the rest of me! – cleaning up the gardens where we are staying. Definitely counting down the days till we start moving around again…
    Have fun.

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