Back Up to Dargaville

Wednesday morning in Kellys Bay was lovely. Not sunny but calm and warm. We took our time packing up and the morning was mostly gone by the time we were gone. Towing the car again we headed back up the Poutu Peninsula. At Te Kopuru we diverted to Glinks Gully which is on the big long beach on the west coast. The road down to the settlement was interesting; it was sealed but narrow and the last part was steeply down. We had a look at the beach. A sign said “Big Waves Strong Currents Offshore Holes” or something equally discouraging. Plus there was a brown scum in the waves and on the beach. Hopefully it was just some natural process. Wyn found a place along the beach road where we could unhook the car and turn around and we found that it was nicely sheltered from the onshore breeze so we sat on someone’s lawn and enjoyed lunch in the warm sun.

From there we returned to Te Kopuru and got the same $1 ice creams we’d enjoyed a few days before. Then it was on to the big smoke – Dargaville. We ended up at the Dargaville Holiday Park; their rates were reasonable and it is a nice clean park. We took the car back to the supermarket and from there set off after 4pm on the Dargaville Heritage Walk. This started out as a well-marked route but got a bit less organised towards the end. It goes all over the place and the 5kms took us a couple of hours in the end. This included a stop at a kauri shop and a chat with a nice chap out in his garden up towards the museum. We had had enough by the time we got back to the car; we were heritaged out.

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