Hanging Out Down Whangarei Harbour

Wednesday started early for me. I’d agreed to get the car back to the garage when they opened at 7.30am. So it was the alarm for me. Often I’m up early anyway, but as luck would have it was in a deep sleep when the darn alarm went off. It was a nice warm humid sort of morning. I got the car there on time and was soon back enjoying breakfast. Such is the convenience of living in a downtown car park. It wasn’t long before they let me know the car was ready and I went back over to collect it. The coffee shops were also handy so we went back to the one with the great muffins for an early coffee.

It was time to move on; we wanted to look around the area down towards Whangarei Harbour heads. The NZMCA has a parkover place about 15kms down the harbour, so we decided to drive separately. We found Manganese Point and the place to park is almost at the water’s edge. There was nobody else there so we chose the best spot with a view from the back window towards the heads and Marsden Point and the extraordinary skyline. The hills towards the heads have numerous basalt towers on top of them as well as being volcanic lumps themselves. There was a wind blowing but we were able to find a nice sheltered spot down by the beach to enjoy our lunch. We needed some washing done and it was a good drying day. Wyn fired up the little Lemair washer and I rigged up a line and soon the place looked like home. It is a lovely spot, surrounded by bush, with tuis and parakeets for neighbours.  Wyn sat down by the water reading her book in the sun. I tackled my insurance worries. I used to like those TV ads about the horrible little insurance worries. I think it was a Tower insurance advert. The irony is that my insurance worries now are Tower Insurance. After two decades of insuring everything with Tower and paying them many thousands of dollars in premiums they have gotten nervous about insuring me because I’ve become a gypsy. If I’m away from home for more than a couple of months then they don’t want to know about me. So this was a day for getting on to that. I managed to sort out some other insurance and then got on to Kiwisaver stuff. I’ve never understood anything about it, and since I was with Tower for Kiwisaver it was time to vote with my feet on that. I got on to the Gareth Morgan crowd and learnt a bit more about it and tackled the process of switching over. There were forms online and then I had to print them out and copy my driver’s licence so it was time to dig the printer/multifunction thing out. Wyn decided she wanted to be in as well – we were on a roll. So passed the afternoon. Two more motorhomes arrived  and later in the night the wind arrived as well – along with lightning and thunder and rain.

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