North Up the Coast

Today – Friday – has dawned calm and clearish. It is quiet, except for the tuis and parakeets. Out the back window I’m looking at Whangarei Heads and Marsden Point. We can even see Busby Head which was where we walked yesterday. Birds are doing the diving thing into the calm water a few metres in front of us. The sun is about to come over the ridge, although there are a few clouds to make the sky more interesting. It’s 13 degrees outside at 9am, and 17 degrees inside without any heating. We’re going to head on today further up the coast. We have to go back through Whangarei and then back out to the east, to the Tutukaka Coast. It looks like we’ll be able to stay at Ngunguru – not sure how to say that yet. We’ll probably stay there for at least a couple of nights. The weather is looking OK until Sunday. The plan is to explore from there before moving on to Paihia on Sunday or Monday, with Michael and Andrew flying in to Kerikeri on Tuesday. By then we might just about be beached out…

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3 Responses to North Up the Coast

  1. Wendy Davies says:

    Well I finally have only one more day of work, then I will be unwaged for a month, cant wait. Just love reading about your journeys, makes me very envious, hope to see you in October in Blenheim.

  2. Peter McKellar says:

    Ross, Wynn:

    Just logged in to check where you are. Goodness you are keeping up a leisurly pace. You will be getting to know Northland very well by now. It is starting to get a bit warmer down here so it is almost safe to head south. Enjoy your travels


  3. Smillie H says:

    We are thoroughly enjoying your Blog site Ross and Wyn, and your detailed comments about your Northland trip. Maybe you could put together a half hour commentary for the upcoming Traillite TGT? ;0) Travel safely, see you both in Christchurch in October.

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