Wandering on to Whangarei

Wandering on to Whangarei

Sunday was overcast with showers, but was calm and warm enough. We took our time packing up and getting out on the road. We decided to drive separately to Whangarei which was only about 20 minutes up the road. We parked Suzi up at the info centre on the way into the city and took the car downtown. We had a look around the harbour basin area but didn’t see many motorhomes. A great cafe there had good coffee and big yummy muffins. We had a wander around the shops – mostly tourist/gallery sorts of places. A short drive took us up to the Parihaka lookout which gave us a great view of the city and a good orientation to things. Eventually we headed back and retrieved Suzi and parked up in the main harbour basin car park. We ended up there on our own and a bit conspicuous. But it was safe enough.

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