Washing Day at Kellys Bay – Agitated

Monday was washing day. It started out cloudy with showers of rain, but the showers got less and there was a bit of a breeze. We fired up the old agitator washing machine in the laundry shed. It’s great to see these still going. I remember when we had an agitator washer in the laundry at the family motels in the 1970s how the foreign tourists regarded it as a quaint relic – albeit in working order. Now thirty years on we regard them as a quaint relic – and still in working order. They are great machines – simple and effective. So, feeling historic we passed a few hours washing and rinsing. We did cheat a bit and use the spin cycle on the wee washer in Suzi – the old wringer did struggle a bit with the jeans. I used most of the rinse water to wash the lower part of the car – it’s suffered a bit from the roads used to move stock on. Later, with the tide out we went for a walk around the harbour shoreline. It got a bit mangrovey and the rocks got a bit slippery so we didn’t quite get to the next bay. Wyn baked some chocolate slice and I had a chat on the phone to Andrew – the first for too long. We managed to get most of the washing dry and the rest could wait.

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