Kerikeri and South to Tutukaka

After our big Sunday, we all started Monday slowly. It was another lovely morning, fine and sunny and warm. Wyn did some washing, the boys wandered into town to the coffee shop, and I must have done something. We started thinking about taking up an offer of a trip out on a boat to the Poor Knights Islands and Michael started getting ready to fly home. We had taken Wyn’s bike back into the bikeshop first thing for some more fixing and it was all done later in the afternoon. And a great little bike shop it is too. Very helpful and friendly guy running it. Think it’s called Munter’s Bikes or something.

We decided on a last look at Paihia, so zoomed off there to say goodbye to the Bay of Islands. Then it was back to Kerikeri and the airport with 4 names. It was a lovely evening to farewell Michael and soon he was off into the sky and away south. It had been great having him to stay – we just hope he didn’t need a holiday to get over his holiday.

Tuesday was another fine day – it was a great run of good weather. I managed to catch up on the blog a bit and we got ourselves sorted out to hit the road. We were heading for Tutukaka for a boat trip and figured we’d see about parking up at the marina if they were OK about that. It was well on towards midday by the time we finally got under way – not in any particular hurry. Nev the Nav wanted to go most of the way down to Whangarei before turning off to the coast and that was fine by us. By the time we missed his first turn instructions, we were all the way into Whangarei before we turned off. It wasn’t far out to the coast, back through Ngunguru – which we can almost pronounce now. At the Tutukaka Marina a very helpful chap was good about us parking there. Where we had pulled up seemed OK so there we stayed. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and we sat out and did a bit of reading and relaxing. We watched the boats coming and going, and checked out the arrangements for the next day and checked out the carrot cake in the cafe. With an early start for the next day and excited at the prospect of going to sea we had an early night.

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