Kicking Back at Kerikeri

It was a windy and wet night but we woke to sun on Monday. The river at the bottom of the camp was brown and rushing. The sun was shining and it was still breezy so it looked like a good washing day. It was sheet day so we used the camp washing machine and soon had them flapping in the “breeze”. It was time to clean the inside of the car out again so that it didn’t look so “lived in”. Wyn did a small wash in Suzi’s washer as well. A shower passed through but that was about it for rain for the day. Wyn’s bike gears are still playing up and her chain had rusted so I had a go freeing up the cables and cleaning up the chain. Working on the bike in the sun was hot; I was down to shorts and short-sleeve merino and then had to break out my old sun hat. YAHOO… One cog still proved elusive. We figured we’d need to look out for a bike shop in Kerikeri.

We decided we both needed a bit of a hair trim as well, so we headed off downtown, a couiple of minutes away. We parked up and wandered off looking for hairdressers. We found a men’s place first where Wyn got directions to women’s ones and I stayed to get my hair cut. The guy spotted my Tekapo MTB top and we got talking about mountain biking – he is a very keen biker. By the time he was finished and I stepped out into the street Wyn was back from getting her fringe trim. We did a couple of other things and realised I should have asked my hair guy about where to go to get a bike fixed. So we went back. “Ah ha” he said, followed by “follow me” and he lead us through his shop and and out the back through a couple of doors, and then through another door .. into… a bike repair shop!  Here he introduced us to the bike guy and left us to it. The bike shop had prices up on the wall for basic services and repairs; Wyn was very impressed after several bad experiences in Dunedin of major expenses getting her bike serviced. The bike guy was very friendly and helpful, and didn’t seem keen to anything more than needed doing. And might even be able to do it the next day. We zoomed back to the camp and were soon back with the bike for him to give a quick evaluation. He confirmed that it shouldn’t need much so we left it with him. It was a lovely chain that lead us to his repair shop down a back alley.

We went off to our favourite New World supermarket – the one that knows about Bran Bix and LSA – for a stock-up. Then it was time for tea and catching up with Michael and Andrew to check on plans for their coming up the next day. We were getting quite excited about their visit.

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2 Responses to Kicking Back at Kerikeri

  1. Wendy says:

    Hey what is LSA regards Wendy

  2. Ross says:

    LSA = Linseed and Sunflower seeds and Almond, mulched up together. It’s good for you 🙂

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