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I was mortified yesterday to get an email from my sister Julia with a link to a news item about Leonard Cohen collapsing on stage. We’ve been fans for 40 years, and was privileged to be at his concert in Wellington with Wyn in January this year.

Picture Leonard Cohen

Picture Leonard Cohen

Here’s the link to the news item.

Here’s hoping it isn’t anything major. Already today there’s news of his recovering and discharge from hospital, and reference to his collapse as a faint. That sounds better. It’s his 75th birthday on Monday I see. What’s the bet he makes it to perform at the final concert of his tour on Monday as well? He is an extraordinary man.

That news story included a link to a review of his Wellington concert that Wyn and I were at. We’d always wondered what the reviewers would make of it. His final sentense is interesting.

Update Monday morning: I see he was diagnosed with food poisoning – must have just been a bad curry or whatever they eat in Spain. So that’s good. A news article said he fell while performing Bird on a Wire. Seems appropriate 🙂

Update Wednesday: It just gets better…. The news says he did his final Spain concert on Monday night as scheduled. It was his 75th birthday and the audience sang “Happy Birthday” after he’d sang them a few songs. Yeah… Happy birthday Lenny. Sing on, sing on, sing on ……

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