Relaxing and Riding at Ray’s Rest

Today (Thursday) was rather a late start.  It was around 9 o’clock when I woke up. Mind you I’d had a wee bit of a sleepless night.  The tide was way, way out, in fact you have to look hard to spot the sea out there.  I don’t think I’ve seen such variance in tides except maybe Nelson and even there I don’t think they go out as far as they do here. Suzanne called by and invited me for a walk and I soon accepted and left Ross with the tidying up.   The weather was mild, with no wind and I set off with only a ¾ sleeve t-shirt on. We had a lovely walk along the beachfront tracks and walked and talked and talked and walked until we ran out of tracks.  It was lovely to catch up after only having corresponded by email. We were surprised to learn after we returned that we’d been away an hour and a half.  Time goes fast when you’re having fun. Suzanne and Les came over for a cup of tea and we spent what was left of the rest of the morning chatting.  Ahh this is the life.

After a bit of relaxing, I decided on a bike ride.   I was keen to try out my bike again, just to make sure the gears are working as well as I imagined they were the day before and I am keen to go to the AOK mountain bike reunion in November in Naseby.  I now need to get in some training because no doubt it will be a full on weekend of biking and socialising of course.  It will be great to catch up with old friends from Saturday rides and AOK rallies.

Ross agreed to go with me but first we decided to tackle ringing the panelbeaters to find out if the insurance assessor had been and what the verdict was. The panelbeater said  the insurance  assessor seemed reasonably happy after looking at the damage and they will get a report today.  So we breathed a sigh of relief.

We set off following the same tracks along the beach that I had walked earlier and then onto the road, which was surprisingly and pleasantly free from a lot of traffic.  It made for pleasant biking.  We rode for about 30 minutes to the nearby town of Kaiaua, drafting along the way to help each other with the slight head wind.  We had a wee explore around the waterfront there and rode around the Domain.  Just inside the gate, there was a huge old sprawling tree which looked like it had been there forever.  The branches at the top were held up by wire.  It was still growing away happily and still managing to flower.

We sprinted off back again, and this with a bit of a tail wind, it didn’t take long.   Suzanne and Les had invited us over for drinks and nibbles, so after a quick shower we headed off to their bus next door.  We had a lovely evening chatting and drinking and nibbling and then it was time for Coro Street and tea.

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  1. Les and Suzanne says:

    Big *smile* when reading the bit about all the talking and walking 🙂 It was a good few days. The bike ride challenge sounds really interesting – look forward to hearing all about it Wyn. We are still parked up in the same place – as you would have seen when driving past. Moving tomorrow – no doubt down the road. Dont forget to sign up to Facebook!

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