Weekend in Marton – Mongolian BBQ

We had a nice slow start to Saturday, eventually cooking breakfast for Wyn’s brother Ian; the Greek Lamb sausages, thick smoked manuka bacon, free-range eggs and hash browns. After an afternoon nap, we drove to Wanganui with Ian and met up with his daughter for a birthday dinner. It was a Mongolian BBQ restaurant where you pick your food and then it’s BBQed in front of you. It was an all-you-want-to-eat thing so we were back for seconds. After we drove to a great viewpoint overlooking Wanganui and then a lake with a coloured fountain. It was still before 11pm on the way home so we decided to stop off at a rural pub for another drink. Crikey! The public bar was busy with a group of young farmers celebrating someone’s birthday with a stripper. We didn’t seem to be unwelcome but then nobody seemed interested in us at all. It was all a bit surreal. We had our drinks – not sure where to look – and headed home to Marton.

Sunday was an even slower start, we’d lost an hour in the night with the change to daylight saving. Ian’s daughter came over and later they went for a cruise. Wyn started on a roast for tea and I dug out the hose and brushes and started washing Suzi and the car. Heck, there’s a lot of her to wash. Later we had a lovely dinner and looked through some of our photos with Wyn’s cousin.

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