Cruising to Christchurch

We took a while getting out of Blenheim on Thursday morning. I went round to pick up the blind from the dry cleaners. They’d done a rescue job and it looked about 95% better than the previous day and we parted on good terms. It has been an interesting experience getting the cushion covers and blind cleaned. The suitability of our fabric is obviously an issue. Maybe appearance took greater priority to practicality when it should be the other way round. At least the blind got recleaned enough to hang. Wyn went off for a walk/explore around the golf course and found parks and gardens that we’ll need to take advantage of next time we’re back in Blenheim. By the time we dumped and filled and got the car hitched up, it was midday before we were off south.

It was an overcast day with not much sun. Somehow this gave a lovely aqua colour to the sea as we followed it south. There was a bit of fresh snow on the Kaikoura ranges as well. We stopped at a beach about 20kms before Kaikoura for lunch – soup and toasted sandwiches. Then it was on to the Shell truckstop in Kaikoura, a good one for access heading south, and their low-speed switch worked which is always a plus. Sometimes with the huge truck hoses it feels like trying to plug a pipeline into the truck tank. South of Kaikoura it started to rain; nothing too much and not with any real wind. Wyn had a driving spell and we stopped at Amberley where we noticed it was getting colder. Nev the Nav did a good job getting us straight to the agricultural park in Christchurch where we’ll be for the weekend at the Traillite GetTogether. The rain was steady by the time we arrived (at about 6.30pm), and it was cold. But we soon had the heater going and tea on the table in time to watch Coro Street.

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