Weekend at Wingatui

Saturday was a misty moisty morning and cloudy was the weather …. We drove into Dunedin in the afternoon and visited Wyn’s tenants and then called round to see her grandson.  Then back to Wingatui to freshen up and have tea before heading back into town for a house concert that we’d gotten to hear about from someone we ran into in the supermarket. John Dodd unplugged was good and later Imogen singing Edith Piaff with the Swingset was awesome. It was good to catch up with friends and be among familiar faces.

It cleared on Sunday and the sun sort of shone in the afternoon. Wyn’s friend from Mosgiel and her partner came round on their bikes and we got ours going and rode back to Mosgiel with them for a coffee and chat. Then we had to pedal back to Wingatui – it seemed longer on the way back.  After tea we watched the previous week’s episode of ‘Packed to the Rafters’ – we can’t allow ourselves to fall behind with the serials!

We decided to move into town on Monday (yesterday). We’ve got so much to do this week to sort out while we’re here and we’d be backwards and forwards to Wingatui too much. It’s about a 40km round trip and that’s a chunk of day each time as well. We got ourselves ship-shape and headed in at mid-day to the Leith Valley Holiday Park.  The weather forecast wasn’t much good and Wyn put a load of towels into the camp machine, hoping to beat the rain. The rain won and so we had to feed the driers. We have a lot of sorting out to do under Wyn’s house, and decided a storage locker would be helpful so went and rented one in North East Valley. We made a preliminary foray under the house – and almost gave up at the door which was about as far as we could get. We put a load into the car and dropped it off at the storage place – in the rain. By then it was tea time and we went for tea to visit Wyn’s friend we’d met at the races at Wingatui. By the time we got back it was clear and cold.

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  1. Suzanne and Les says:

    Hi you two – just catching up on your blog:-) Hope you both have a good weekend ahead – yah I think we may have a sunny weekend!!
    Went and viewed “The World Press Photography ’09” – awesome, very graphic and in your face – I think its great when photography can invoke emotions in people!!

    Did you manage to get a job over summer?

    Take care and hope all the organising is going well.

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