We Retire From Working Again

Saturday 21st was another 7am start. The weather was windier and warmer – a good nor-wester. With a bit of sunshine as well, it started hot and got hotter. And dustier. But it was the last day of bottling so that didn’t matter quite as much. We’d woken stiff and sore but somehow got ourselves going and warmed up. The secret seemed to be to keep going. If you stopped you stiffened up. We finished off a third container and then carried on with stacking into big bins. After lunch they were struggling to find enough bins – we really were coming to the end. The afternoon got hotter, or was it us? We took turns putting our heads under a running tap to cool down. At last the wine ran out and by 4.15pm we were finished. YAHOOOOOO……

The boss winemaker broke out some he’d prepared earlier so we got to sample some earlier vintages of his sparkling wines. I’m not much of a fan of sparking wine but I’d make an exception for his – it’s something very special. After a few samples we’d missed out on the pool again. So it was home for tea, Grand Designs on TV, and crash into bed again.

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