Windy As

It’s been a week of catching up with things that got put aside while working last week. Monday was washing day and we popped over to Pisa Moorings to my sister’s place to put a few loads through her machine – sheets and towels and stuff. Hanging it out in the wind was a trial. The wind was strong and persistent. It seemed to take me about 10 minutes to get one sheet safely hung on the line, by which time it was almost dry. It was still blowing when we headed off in Suzi to Alexandra but it was a tail wind to Cromwell and once in the Cromwell Gorge the wind mostly disappeared. We found the motorhome place in Alexandra and he had a go fixing our leaking water heater pressure – temperature relief valve. What he did seemed to improve it and in fact it looks like he was successful.  He simply drained some water from the tank to re-create an air gap at the top – the method  in the manual didn’t work for me.  It was calm and hot in Alexandra – we preferred being on the road with the air conditioning on.

Tuesday was another windy day, windy and warm. I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment for next week to get my tooth ache sorted out. We enjoyed a walk up the hill around a local vineyard in the evening – still warm and windy.

Wednesday was even warmer – it was 18 degrees outside first thing in the morning. And still windy. Wyn woke with a sore back so arranged for some physio later in the day. Plus we dropped her bike into the bike shop. I’d had a go at cleaning it up and lubing up the gear cables and succeeded in making it worse 🙁

It was warm and windy on Thursday – surprise surprise… Wyn’s back had been worse after the physio – as things often are after massage – so we had a lazy sort of day. We did manage a walk in the evening on the flat towards Lowburn.  It was interesting to see how many rabbits were out enjoying the last of the sun.  The clouds and colours of the evening were wonderful. It is an incredible landscape to live in.

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