A Full Day’s Work

Wednesday (23rd) we actually worked a full day at the packhouse. The morning was the usual cherry sorting. When the full sorting team arrived in the afternoon we got to fill in for another couple who’d had to head away for a couple of days. So Wyn ended up QC (Quality Control) on the sorting and I ended up Bucket Boy – keeping track of the buckets each sorter sorted. That kept us both busy and me warm as well – it can be cold in the packhouse and the cherries come wet for sorting. Yesterday was Christmas Eve and another late start. This gave us time to get to the Post Office and to join the mob in the supermarket. It was a hot morning but luckily everyone in the supermarket seemed relaxed enough. Alexandra is like that – very relaxed – which is good on days like yesterday.  We did our QC and Bucket Boy jobs again at the packhouse. Everyone was in a Christmas mood and it was a relaxed afternoon.

There was a BBQ and drinks after work at 4.30pm but we headed off to Wanaka to Wyn’s son’s place. We left the car at the orchard and drove over in Suzi. We had a lovely BBQ tea and evening.

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