Preparations for The Cromwell Races

Saturday was the day before the Cromwell races. Wyn’s outfit needed a few adjustments so we headed into Cromwell later in the morning to see what was available. Wyn wanted something to adorn her hat. She ended up in the florists and the woman there was great. She got into the spirit of things and rummaged around out the back and tried this and that. In the end a couple of ostrich feathers, a rose made of netting ribbon and a black rose were woven together and attached to the hat. That was the hat sorted – it looked great.

After a cool morning the day got better and better. We enjoyed a coffee in the sun in Cromwell. After that we headed home for lunch then around to Alaine’s to take up the dress. This was a tricky process. I  remember in the olden days my sisters used to use a ruler on a stand thing. This enabled hems to be pinned at a specified height with some precision. This time Wyn just had to stand straight and ask me how it looked. Each correction seemed to upset the next part – it was tricky. In the end the hem was up and sewn and pressed and the dress was ready.

There was time to watch the last couple of Pakistan wickets as the NZ cricket team achieved a win in the last session of their test match in the sun at Dunedin, then it was time for home and tea and Grand Designs Abroad on TV. They were rebuilding a stone castle in Tuscany – as you do.

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