Wandering Around Blenheim – The Photos

Clock Seymour Square

Last Tuesday we had time for a bit of a walk around Blenheim – looking at some of the sights and scenes instead of just rushing off to somewhere. We’d been there for much of 5 months and thought we’d be tourists for an hour or so.   Seymour Square is only a block from the motels where we’d been working and we hadn’t been there long enough to smell the flowers. Plus I’d wanted to have a go at getting a photo at night when the fountain is lit up.  So what follows is more of a photo blog than words – for a change 🙂

Seymour Square Blenheim

Seymour Square - only a block away from the motels

Seymour Square Blenheim

Seymour Square has lovely flower beds through the summer

Seymour Square Blenheim

Fountain and clock tower Seymour Square Blenheim

Azalea Seymour Square Blenheim

Azalea -

Court House Blenheim

The Court House is beside Seymour Square. I think it is still the court house.

Art Gallery Blenheim

The Art Gallery - also beside Seymour Square - looking sufficiently arty.

Cadillac Blenheim

Cadillac outside the Art Gallery - a work of art itself?

Blenkinsopp's cannon - Blenheim

Blenkinsopp's Cannon - beside Seymour Square. He was very unhelpful. He traded his cannon for what the local Maori chief thought was the right to take some water and timber but was actually ownership of the Wairau Plains. He was responsible for a lot of the mistrust and subsequent confrontations probably. Also he spiked the cannon so it was useless anyway.

Band rotunda Blenheim

Band rotunda - downtown Blenheim

Raupo Cafe Blenheim

Raupo Cafe on the Taylor River banks - Blenheim. It became our favourite place to go for coffee plus they do an addictive mochachino.

Taylor River Blenheim

Taylor River - downtown Blenheim. The walking (and cycling) tracks go for miles.

River Queen on the Taylor River Blenheim

River Queen on the Taylor River - Blenheim.

Fountain Seymour Square Blenheim

The Seymour Square fountain at night.

Seymour Square at night

Seymour Square at night - fountain and clock tower.

Bella Vista Motel Blenheim

And lastly, a plug for our sponsors - Bella Vista Motels Blenheim - a great place to stay in the middle of Blenheim with helpful and friendly hosts. And only a block away from Seymour Square...

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