Apparently blogs are supposed to be regularly blogged. We watched Julia and Julie the other night. Julie was a good blogger – and regular. I think I am a binge blogger. I blog a bit and then a lot and then not at all. It is again a month since I last caught up. It actually seems eons since we arrived back in Blenheim and I’m surprised to find it’s only been a month. We are alive and well parked up in Suzi beside Kenepuru Sound in the Marlborough Sounds. We are at Cowshed Bay which doesn’t sound very romantic. It is actually a wonderful location several hundred metres from Portage, surrounded by native forest. There are no cows or livestock or anything rural anywhere near here. It was probably named by the same geographer who named Mutton Cove in the Abel Tasman National Park – north of Totaranui. Both Mutton Cove and Cowshed Bay are idylic locations labouring under stupid names. Mind you, I live in a country which called it’s two beautiful islands “North” and “South”. Enough! I better sort out some photos and get caught up.

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