Two Years On The Road


Saturday was 27 November. Two years ago we saw Suzi for the first time at the Traillite yard in Pukekohe. And spent our first night in our new motorhome. Ah.. the excitement. Finding out how everything worked. Wondering how everything would go.  Plans for the next few months. Wondering what would happen to us. No big plans.

And here we are, two years down the road. 18,000 kms down the road. No big plans. Wondering what will happen to us. In some ways it seems that’s the point in being gypsies. There’s not much point in freedom if you go and plan it all ahead. Things turn up and things work out. It’s not exactly Diceman. Or maybe it’s Diceman without the dice.


We’ve been talking about the highlights of the last couple of years. It is clear that we have lots of them. We’ll have to each have a go listing some of them some time soon. For us both it’s been fun exploring parts of New Zealand we only vaguely knew existed. And finding so much to see and do. And see sights that surprise and awe. Like Tane Mahuta the massive kauri tree. Like the Oparara limestone arch. Like the Sawcut Gorge. Sights that made me step back, literally or figuratively.

And then there has been the luxury of being able to choose when we work – more or less. That is worth anything and everything. We are busy when we work and it is fun when we work. And then we’re busy when we don’t work and that is even more fun. I just remembered part of what I was dreaming about last night. I was starting a new admin job somewhere. I was having trouble catching a bus. I was being shown to my office which was in the basement. Jeez, that wasn’t a dream, it was deja vu!

Ross Wyn Suzi

Life as a gypsy is not all sun and snoozes. Being away from family and friends is a cost. Waking up and having to work out where we are is different. A wet May in a Blenheim carpark is not much fun. There are downsides, but that is all they are.

We took a big step two years ago and it is good to look back. We’re not sure where the road will take us, but it sure is fun finding out.

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