More Melting and Motels in Marlborough

Wow! The hot weather continues. We’ve just finished another short spell at the motels and it was hot again. Sunday hit 30 degrees and Monday topped 31 degrees. She’s a funny old spring in these parts. Blenheim sure seems to be warm. That’s now 5 days in the 30s in less than a month. On both hot days it was necessary to limit outside jobs in the afternoon – the sun was burning. Them ol’ UV rays were raining down.

Luckily a cold snap came along. Tuesday we woke to wet ground and it almost rained several times through the day which was cloudy. Later in the evening I had to find another layer with sleeves. Yesterday we cleared out of the motels and it actually rained proper rain. We can’t remember when it last rained – we forget. And I wore a long-sleeve top for most of the day. I think our maximum temperature was 14 degrees. There was talk of an overnight minimum in single digits.

It looks like normal service returns today with a maximum temperature that starts with a 2 and it’s predicted to get warmer as the week goes along.  We better get out walking  before the day warms up too much. Wyn scorched around her Wither Hills circuit on Sunday morning and I’m going to be struggling to keep up with her soon.

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