Day Off

We had a day off work yesterday. Sort of. We worked Tuesday night until 2am yesterday morning, which was a sort-of early finish. And with no work last night we headed off to the beach. We re-explored Makatu and went over to Little Waihi and had lunch in the sun and went for a walk along the beach. We ended up having a coffee at a cafe in Makatu watching the sun set along the beach. We came home and dealt to the fish. I’d been given a fish the day before and he’d been resting in the fridge. We decided to BBQ him and eventually I wrestled him into flatness and sizzled him. He was quite a big Kawhai – if that’s how you spell it. He was quite a chunky fish and we probably overdosed on Omega 3. Anyway, there’s a first for us. I’m still not sure we’re ready to go out and chase them down.
Today is another nice sunny day and we’re catching up with washing and relaxing. We have another night shift tonight and don’t know after that.

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  1. Emma says:

    Kahawai 🙂 yummy with a cheesy sauce as long as they’ve been bled.

  2. Your blog is a great example of the interesting life adventures like yourselves enjoy living in a motorhome. Good on you and keep on enjoying your travels.

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