Worst Blogger in the World

This blog has been nominated for Worst Blog in the World. Good blogs should get updated at least daily. Not blogging for two months is not a good look. I apologise to anyone checking to see what became of us. And I’ll find out where you can vote for be for Worst Blogger. Apparently if we do well enough in the Worlds then we are in the running for Worst Bloggers in the Known Universe.
We are still alive and well. We survived Laos and then Vietnam and then Cambodia and then Malaysia and now New Zealand. We’ve been busy working and catching up with family and friends and working. And sorting out a zillion photos from our travels (Wyn said I can’t post 2,700 on the blog whether I think they’re great or not!)
So I’m busy culling them down and figuring out how to get them into the stories we’ve blogged so far. Then there’s a few tales of the rest of our Asian adventures.
One day …

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