Blogging Without Pictures

Now I have an excuse for being long-winded. I know all that stuff about a picture speaking a thousand words. It is a bit of a generalisation as it does tend to dismiss poetry in general and ignores the genius of Shakespeare in particular.  Anyway, I digress…. This is supposed to be a motorhome travel  blog. It started with mostly words until I learnt how to include pictures and then it got easier to show some things than try to describe them. It can be a bit time-consuming sorting all the photos out i.e. there is a few to catch up on from our Asian outing last year. So sometimes this blog falls silent, for want of pictures or words. There is not much future for silent blogs so I do try to keep up. Still I digress …

For the last week-and-a-bit I’ve been unable to connect my laptop with the Wonderful Wide World of the internet. I thought it was our modem thing. Then I tried to use a wireless connection point and still no joy. It seems my laptop is not well. In ways that are mysterious and vague. Not well and maybe not getting better. It seems the best thing is to destroy everything on it and start again. Which seems a drastic way to fix something. Imagine if your car was misfiring and the mechanic said “OK, we could muck around for a long time and maybe not get it running right. What we’ll do is rebuild the engine!”

Funny things computers. They have an individuality if you ask me. And mysterious and complicated ways where even sorcerery and spells don’t fix them. It’s very traumatic submitting one’s laptop for wiping of the hard drive and rebuilding from scratch. How can I be sure I’ve saved everything that I should have? What will I lose? Ahh, the anguish.

Meantime, I’m blogging without pictures. And Brevity is not my middle name.

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