New Plymouth Ho!

Monday was a lovely day in New Plymouth. With a lovely view from our parking spot overlooking Fitzroy Beach. Eventually we got our bikes sorted and going and got ourselves sorted and going. We headed down a track to the beach-side cycle and walking track and turned right and biked north. The “track” is amazing – all concrete and 2-3 metres wide. And not too straight or level. Very well designed and made. Before long we reached the river where the track had ended last time we came this way a few years ago – 2009 to be precise. No problems this time. There was a spectacular new bridge over the river. Sort of like a mini Auckland Harbour Bridge, only better as end on it’s designed to look like a wave. And all bright white so it makes a bright statement. We followed the track on for another 3kms north until it became asphalt and headed up to the Bell Block subdivision. Apparently there are plans to continue the sea-side track a long way further north. Go New Plymouth!

We headed back past where we were parked up and called in to visit Kath again. And then headed south. The coffee caravan beside the track didn’t quite seduce us this time. Instead we headed on into the middle of the city. We went looking for some information and maps. The building labelled Library and Information didn’t actually have information but was able to direct us to the i-SITe over the road. From there we got directions to a bakery that was closed and a supermarket that was open. We enjoyed a late lunch back towards the sea front before biking off north again and back to Suzi. Later in the afternoon we had a view of Mt Taranaki, which doesn’t happen every day. And we continued to watch the many people who take advantage of the wonderful walkway/cycleway.

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