Awesome Autumn

Woops, done it again! There I was all up to date and then I goes and rests on my laurels.

Nevertheless, we’re alive and well and still working at the kiwifruit packhouse. We’re into the busy end of the main season, and heading for the end part. It took a while to kick into gear – but now the rush is on.

We have enjoyed a lovely autumn. Apparently last year was the wettest Autumn for 30 years. Certainly it was wet! So anything less wet was going to seem nice. We’ve only had a couple of spells of rain. Otherwise it has been sunny days and cool and cooler nights. We’ve not moved our motorhome for a couple of months now – she might have taken root! The spiders seem to think she is a good home.

Wyn has had one or two spells with colds/flu sort of stuff – there’s a lot of it about (the chemist calls Te Puke the Allergy Capital of the World!). And now I’ve come down with a silly cough-thing right at the end – thought I was going to escape.

Soon we’ll be free again – yahoo! Meantime, heads down and tails up and cherrio….

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3 Responses to Awesome Autumn

  1. Wendy says:

    well done, see it wasn’t hard afterall.

  2. Wendy says:

    This allergy thingee is due to the kiwi dust, I’m 99% sure. I have a croaky voice but after a few days away from Kiwi its gone

    Last night tonight for us. Thank god, then its looking for work again but a bit of a break first

    Take care

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