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I think I’m a binge blogger – nothing for ages sometimes, then lots of catching up. It’s not how blogs are supposed to be blogged, and I try to be more regular but I fail regularly. Which must get annoying for anyone trying to keep an eye on us – checking to see if I’ve woken from my slumbers. If you like, you can be spared the checking by getting an email notification when a new post gets posted. Maybe you have already done this? I’m a bit slow finding out about some of these sorts of things.

There are at least a couple of ways you can subscribe to this blog (and any others). On any post here towards the bottom of the right-hand column (under Archives) there is a link to “Entries RSS”. RSS stands to Really Simple Syndication which is cute. Try that link and see if you can get it set up to email you. It works nicely with Outlook (old habits die hard?) and Thunderbird – this I know. You need to point it’s nose at your email program. I have no idea how it works if you don’t have an email “client”. It’d be good if someone could fill me in on this. If you are able to set  this up, tick the box for using the same process for future subscriptions and it will be simpler next time with another blog.

If that doesn’t work, or makes no sense, there is another option. At the foot of each post (use this one), there is an option to Post a Comment. And as part of that you can choose to get an email notification of new posts. Tick the box for “Notify me of new posts by email” and supply your email address and put something in the Comment box and click on the Submit Comment box. If everything goes to plan, you’ll get set up to get emailed each time a new post gets posted. You’ll also get notified of how to stop it when you want to. (Or you can ask me any time to stop the emails.)

If you have success or problems, share it via the Comment facility below. And if you find any other better or simpler method of achieving the same result, share that as well – it’d be good to know.

Or just keep on checking to see if we’re still out here somewhere. I just won’t feel so guilty if I miss a few days or weeks.

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