Meanwhile Back At Autumn

Wyn Kiwi 360 sign

Back in April, after Easter, work at the kiwifruit packhouse was start/stop. We expected that after last year, but it still made getting into any routine for night shift difficult. We’d just start t get a bit of a pattern going, then have a few nights off and lapse back into daytime time. This year the weather helped; it was finer and colder at night which seemed to make sleeping easier.

Wyn was struggling with a nasty sinus infection that took a change of antibiotics to finally shake off. All the while she was trying to get to grips with her new position. Feeling awful wasn’t helping with that either. My birthday came along in the middle of the month.

Ross birthday lunch
Rossco P Coltrane enjoying birthday lunch

We marked this with a nice lunch out in the sun at a nearby café at the Kiwi 360 kiwifruit experience place – once Wyn was feeling better. With most days sunny and warm we didn’t mind too much having time off – there’s worse things that sitting around in the sun.

Wyn Kiwi 360 sign
Wyn never saw the really big gold kiwifruit coming
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