Busy in Blenheim

Just when I was doing so well…. We went and got busy working at the motels in Blenheim early in September and now it’s early in October! 21 days straight at the motels and busy busy. No time for blog. Then we crashed out at the beach for 4 days before we were back at the motels working again from last Monday until we finished Friday night. Then it was back to the beach where we’re crashed out. We’ve got four more days before we start back at the motels. So much for semi-retirement! Work – the curse of the gypsy class…. Meantime we’re alive and well.

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2 Responses to Busy in Blenheim

  1. “Work – the curse of the Gypsy class”, you say.

    How long have you got till you can retire courtesy of Uncle John? Or who ever is in charge at the time.

    We retired two years ago, and love being able to get away when we want to – cat and all!

    • Ross says:

      Assuming the goalposts don’t get moved, we’re five years away from paid retirement. So “semi” retired is what we are. Or is that “amateur” retirees?
      Mind you, we’re not complaining. We’ve been on the road for 4 years and they haven’t been the easiest Gypsy years.

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