Hanging Out at Rarangi

Rarangi Beach

Back at the end of September when we finished our three weeks of motel minding in Blenheim we went beach. We started at Rarangi where there is a DoC camp at the far end. Rarangi Beach is a rocky one, fronting on to Clifford Bay. The DoC camp is well arranged with level sites. And flash new toilets, with showers even – albeit of the bring-your-own-hot-water variety. Good job DoC. We did some extensive relaxing, managing one short walk to Monkey Bay. Monkey Bay is a very small bay just around a corner north of Rarangi Beach. And also the name of a wine which is named after the Bay. Are you keeping up?

Rarangi Beach is an interesting one – it’s growing. A metre per year, it’s steadily extending towards the North Island. There’s a prevalent cross swell that sets up a regular pattern all along the beach. Sort of a saw-tooth pattern. And it’s gradually building up the beach. Which makes a pleasant change to beaches being eroded. Maybe this is where all the other beaches are ending up?

The walk over to Monkey Bay starts with impressive stone steps, with impressive stone walls on either side. It’s not as long as the Great Wall of China, or as big. But it does sort-of remind me.

Rarangi Beach
Rarangi Beach and Clifford Bay
Rarangi Beach
Rarangi Beach – with saw-tooth patterns that go for miles
Steps to Monkey Bay
Ross on the Little Great Wall of Monkey Bay


Gallery of photos – Whites Bay and Rarangi September – October 2012

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